Hello and welcome to CRNA Advisor!

This website was created to help a few different groups of people:

1. High school students who are thinking about becoming Nurse Anesthetists but are unsure about the career.

2. Nurses who want to advance in their career and become a CRNA.

3. People who are unsure about which school to choose since there are over 100 schools to choose from. Hint: You shouldn’t necessarily choose the school that is nearest to your home.

4. People who are have already decided on which schools they want to apply to, however, don’t know how to optimize their application to ensure they have the best chance of getting accepted.

5. Those who have already gotten accepted into their program of choice, but want to get a head start on the materials that will be covered so they can ace the CRNA exam.

6. Those who are interested in general information about the CRNA career path such as job description, daily life, salary across the different states, requirements to get accepted into specific programs, difficulty of each program, cost of tuition etc.

As you can see, no matter what stage you’re in, we are 100% dedicated to ensuring that you have the right information to help you decide whether this is the career for you and if you decide it is, how to choose the best school so you can become a successful Nurse Anesthetist.

Why Use This Website?

Well, the truth is, there is a distinct lack of websites that have useful, accurate and updated information on CRNA programs as well as thorough reviews on each school. As a result, most people interested in this career path are left to fend for themselves and spend countless hours trawling through different websites, forums etc. This not only wastes time but is quite frustrating. As a result, this website was created to be your complete one-stop for everything related to nurse anesthesia.

Got Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to visit our Contact page and send a message. We look forward to hearing from you!