Loma Linda University CRNA Program

Loma Linda University is one of five universities that offers a CRNA program in the state of California.

Address: West Hall/Admissions Office, 11262 Campus St. Loma Linda, CA 92350

Phone number: Jorge Diaz at 909-558-4923 ext 82443

Email: nursing@llu.edu

About The Program

This program is a 39 month full time program that is didactically front loaded and once completed, you’ll gain a DNP in Nurse Anesthesia. Classes for this program will be a mix of typical in-class sessions as well as online/distance education. On completion, you’ll be qualified to take the National Certification Examination (NCE). The first time pass rate for this school is on average 89.3% (an average of the pass rate of students between 2019 to 2021). Attrition rate for the same time period is 8.3% and the employment rate is an impressive 97.7%. Every year, this school admits a maximum of 18 students per year.

The program itself takes you through foundational and theoretical concepts to highly practical skills. It follows the American Academy of Colleges of Nursing’s Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice as well as COA’s Practice Doctorate Standards for Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Programs.

Applications to enter this school have a deadline between the 1st of June to the 1st of August. All of your documents need to be submitted by the 1st of September.

Loma Linda’s CRNA program is fully accredited by the COA. The last time it was reviewed was in 2017 where the school was given 10 years reaccreditation (the maximum number of years that can be given) and will be up for review in the spring of 2027.

One interesting point to note is that this is a faith based university (Seventh-day Adventist).

Another important fact is that the first year of this CRNA program is mostly online which would allow you the freedom to still work to some degree if you absolutely need to. Of course, due to the intense nature of this program, it isn’t advisable that you work during it.

Classes are quite small which promotes a close knit relationship with other students and lecturers.

What Nurse Anesthesia Students At Loma Linda University Have To Say About The Program


This school is currently ranked #43 in the US News & World Report (2016).


The estimated cost for this program is $138,666. You can see details here.

Do note that this estimated cost is for 2022 and that the fees are subject to change on a yearly basis. Also, the clinical fees will vary and doesn’t include additional things you will require such as lab coats, insurance, stethoscopes and more.

Loma Linda CRNA Program Requirements

In order to qualify for entrance into this CRNA school, you will need a BS in nursing from an accredited university in the United States. Your cumulative GPA will need to be a minimum of 3.0 and science GPA will also need to be a minimum of 3.0.

Note, there are no prerequisite classes for Loma Linda’s nurse anesthetist program.

Additionally, you’ll need a RN license and particularly a California RN license before you can start any clinical aspects of the program.

Additional certifications that you’ll need to have include:

  1. ACLS
  2. BLS
  3. PALS
  4. CCRN

When it comes to critical care experience, you will need a minimum of 1 year experience in the United States by the time of matriculation. That said, each applicant’s experience will be evaluated individually.

Additionally, you will need to have a minimum of 8 hours of clinical observation with a CRNA.

Accepted Critical Care Experience

  1. Pediatric Intensive Care
  2. Surgical Intensive Care
  3. Neonatal Intensive Care
  4. Medical Intensive Care
  5. Cardiothoracic Intensive care
  6. Coronary Intensive Care

This university doesn’t state any unacceptable types of critical care experience – which is certainly a plus. Applicants with experience in other areas may be considered on an individual basis. This is especially the case if they can show high competence in areas such as critical care pharmacology, ventilators, handling patients and invasive monitoring.


GRE is not required.


Next, it is necessary to have at least three recommendation letters. Loma Linda University is specific on the types of recommendations they require. They’ll need one from a current co-worker in the ICU unit, current charge nurse at the ICU you’re in as well as a final recommendation from a spiritual advisor or clergy.

Additionally, when sending in your application, you will also need to send transcripts of all certifications gained after high school/secondary school. It doesn’t matter whether it is required or not. All of the transcripts will need to be sent by the school or institution to LLU Admissions Processing. Do note that all transcripts need to be sent in this manner and if they are not, then they would not be accepted. The following is the address where all transcripts need to be sent:

Admissions Processing
Loma Linda University
11139 Anderson St
Loma Linda, CA 92350 USA

Interview Tips

According to past interviewees, the interview questions are more personal as opposed to clinical type questions. The interview is typically short, between 5 to 8 minutes where they also ask questions on the types of patients you’ve taken care of, difficulties you’ve encountered and how you handled them, how various medications work etc. But over the years they have transitioned to questions that are more personal, so they may continue doing so in 2023 and after.

California CRNA Salary & Job Outlook

The average salary for a nurse anesthetist in Loma Linda is $223,200 with a range between $207,500 and $240,900 per year.

In comparison, the average salary for CRNAs in California is $231,101 per year.